Dimensional Color, Blondes and Extension Focus Stylist

As the owner of Ambrosia, Amber understands the importance of education for herself, her team and the art of educating clients to better understand their hair.  Healthy hair is key and the guidance and suggestions she offers keeps that the most important priority.​ She specializes in multiple extension methods and the art of dimensional hair color and loves the connection of client interation. She is your online shopping, vacation planning, coffee drinking, mom of three! Her goal is for each client to leave feeling confident, encouraged and beautiful and with some solid hair, and life tips tucked in their back pocket.

  • NBR, SKW, Hotheads, Lox and HaloCouture certified.

  • Sunlights Balayage Certified

  • Masters Of Balayage Certified

  • Brazilian Blowout Certified

  • Keune Colorist

  • Styling & Caring for hair with Loma, Olaplex, IGK & b3 products.

  • Level 3 Thriver's Society Member

  • Attended Thriver's Society Live



Blondes, Balayage and Extension Focus Stylist

If your hair goals are those Pinterest blondes you pin to your 'Dream Hair' board, Brooke is your girl!  She puts a huge emphasis on education and specializes in balayage and extension services. She's a mama of boys that loves cute boutique finds and her iced coffee. Her passion and determination shines through everything she puts her mind too. Brooke's outgoing and fun personality will have you feeling comfortable and at ease and her upbeat and fast pace will have you tossing your dream hair over your shoulder in no time...but not before she snaps that perfect pic!

  • NBR, Hotheads and HaloCouture certified.

  • Sunlights Balayage Certified

  • Business of Balayage Certified.

  • Keune Colorist

  • Styling & Caring for hair with Loma, Olaplex, IGK & b3 products.

  • Level 4 Thriver's Society Member

  • Attended Thriver's Society Live



Dimensional Color, Detailed Cutting, Brazilian Blowout and Extension Focus Stylist

​Celina's main focus throughout any service you receive with her is to maintain the health and integrity of your hair.  Some hair dreams require a detailed journey, but no worries, she will keep you informed and guide you through each step of that journey.  Her attention to detail creates the perfectly shaped cut to fit your color and lifestyle. There is never a dull moment with this family loving, always singing, cooking connoisseur. Her fun spirit will have you feeling at ease and her sense of humor will have you laughing until it hurts! 

  • Sunlights Balayage Certified

  • Brazilian Blowout Certified

  • Lox & Hotheads Certified

  • Level 1 Thriver's Society Member



Lash & Brow Artist

Are you looking to up your lash game? If so, Jordan is your girl!  With her background in cosmetology she is well rounded in what best compliments your face and is detailed in her sanitation. Rather you're wanting a simple and classy lift and tint or a luxury lash extension service, you'll absolutely LOVE, what seems like a small change, will do for your overall confidence and makeup routine in the AM.  So bring along your cozy socks and AirPods and relax for minute! As a momma of 3 beautiful kiddos and a wife to a state trooper she is your go to girl when you need a minute to simply take a minute.



Precision Haircutting, Dimensional Color and Gray Coverage Focus Stylist

Amanda is our go to girl if you're looking for the perfect blowout to accompany your finely detailed cut! The detail she puts into her round brushing skills will have you loving your style for days. For Amanda, being a hairstylist has never been just about the hair, it's about the relationships built and the passion for helping you feel good about yourself on the inside and out. Her love of precision hair cutting and natural dimensional hair color shines through her work. If you're in search of the best local places to shop, grab a cup of coffee or to share your love of fur babies, Amanda is your girl!

  • Keune Colorist

  • Styling & caring for hair with Loma & Olaplex

  • Haircutting Classes with Dj Muldoon

  • Sunlights Balayage & The Business of Balayage Certified

  • Brazilian Blowout Certified

  • Former National Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems

  • Level 1 Thriver's Society Member



Balayage and Dimensional Color Focus Stylist

Andrea loves a good transformation! If you desire something new and want guidance and a plan on how to maintain that color and style, then she's your girl! A simple and timeless look isn't out of the question, she'd love to create the look you desire with professional guidance along the way. Andrea has a wide range of talent and is well rounded in her craft. This new momma can talk where to find the best trendy boutique items and share a love of fur babies with you.



Color, Haircuts and Gray Coverage Focus Stylist

With over 30 years of experience, Audra is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the fundamental basics and science behind color and the perfect haircut. She is a girl mom to 3 grown daughters and a Nona to 3 beautiful grandbabes. Her passions in life shine through her connection and conversations behind the chair. She is our go to for solid and honest parenting and life advice and is always down for having a great time with family and friends.

Audra is currently not accepting new clients. Current clients may use the link below to get in touch with her.