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It's time to love your hair.

What are your hair dreams? Do you dream of having that long hair you can wear down, throw in a cute braid or pin up in a topknot? Or is it fullness that you dream of? Maybe it's both! Start living your best life this summer with dreamy beach hair!

We have multiple extension options to fit your hair goals. Your dream hair starts with a consultation. Let us make your dreams a reality.

Certified in NBR, SKW and Hotheads.

These luxury extension services are offered by Amber Krupp and Brooke Amos .

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This installation method is the most comfortable, lightweight and as invisible as it gets in the world of extensions. 

Your overall hair integrity benefits from the minimal points of contact with this type of install. Beads and thread are used to create the perfect base to stitch to. Extension hair is custom colored to create a seamless blend for each guest. Maintenance is performed every 6-8 weeks and with no bonds to break down during maintenance, with proper care, your hair will last much longer than any other method. 


This installation method is lightweight and a more conservative option when referring to your initial investment.

Extension hair is added by a back-to-back taping method and comes in a wide variety of color options. During your every 6-8 week maintenance, we release the tabs and readjust.  Your bonds may be maintenanced up to 3 times before bond wear and breakdown occur.

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