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I know, I know, I know, rules aren't always fun, but in this situation they're meant for the safety of our staff, the care of our equipment and environment and most importantly for you!  Yes, that's right, for you!  Our goal is to create an enjoyable and safe environment for each and every one of you, and to do just that we have a few guidelines we ask that you follow.

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We understand life can be hard to plan ahead for, and depending on your stylist’s availability/demand, rescheduling can be breezy or difficult.

If a cancellation or reschedule is requested within 24 hours of your appointment, we charge a 50% of your scheduled services fee in order to rebook your appointment. Our stylists block out a time-slot specifically for you on their schedule and 24 hours is not enough time for us to fill that slot with another guest, which results in loss of business for your stylist. Please try to keep your appointment once its booked and if you must reschedule or cancel, please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment. 

Similarly, if you reschedule and/or cancel the same appointment more than twice, we will charge you 50% of your scheduled service in order to rebook your appointment a third time. Thank you for understanding! 

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For the safety of all that enter the salon to enjoy a service, we ask that you don't bring additional guests not receiving a service. Our waiting area is reserved for guests processing for color and receiving appointments (exceptions include caretakers and parents of children under 10 years old). Additional guests take attention away from who should be the focus, you. So leave that companion at home and allow yourself to be fully pampered!

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We understand that bringing your children to the salon during your service may be convenient or even necessary at times, however, we feel that children who attend their parents’ appointments pose a safety issue. We work with sharp scissors, hot tools, chemicals, and other equipment in the salon and we do not have an area designated for children, nor do we have staff that can keep an eye on them while you receive your service. If something were to happen to your child at our salon, it would be devastating to you and your family, as well as ours. For this reason, we ask that parents visit our salon without their children unless the child has an appointment. During their appointment, the child must be accompanied by their parent at all times and be able to sit still to receive their service safely. 

Please understand that our concern is for the safety of your child, for other guests, and for our staff. We have the upmost respect for our parent clients all of our staff are parents themselves, so we know that this may be an inconvenience. Thank you for understanding! 

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We understand that sometimes life happens. If you are running late, please contact your stylist as soon as possible so they can determine if there is enough time to perform your scheduled service. Tardiness may reduce the service provided or may require you to reschedule your appointment completely. In the event a reschedule is necessary, a fee of 50% of services booked will be required before rescheduling.

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In accordance with our Ohio State Board of Cosmetology, we cannot allow pets in the salon. We love your furry children and would love nothing more than for you to bring them with you, but unfortunately this is not permitted by our licensing body. Service animals are allowed inside the salon.

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It is our goal that you are 100% satisfied with your service(s) when you leave our salon. If for any reason you feel like we missed the mark, we want to know. Our service guarantee requires that you contact the salon or your service provider within 7 days of your original appointment. We will book you for the appropriate time to make the adjustment within 14 days of your appointment.
Service adjustments are small adjustments to the original service. Service adjustments do not apply to total changes from the original style or cut agreed upon. We do not guarantee color services if you are not using the products recommended by your service provider. We do not provide refunds for services.

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We love recommending professional hair care for you at home. We believe that professional hair care is the only way to preserve your color investment and to be able to recreate the looks you love in the salon at home. We love our products so much that we promise that if you do not absolutely love them too, you can bring the unused portion back for an exchange for something else you do love or a full refund. We will do our best to send you home with the products we believe you need. If you are unhappy with the performance of a product at home, please let us know within 14 days of purchase so that we can exchange or return the product.

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